Orthopedic Exercise & Injury Recovery

Fort Collins Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

When you have an orthopedic injury, recovery can take a long time. It’s not easy rebuilding your strength and you may feel like you’ll never get back to the fitness level you had before your injury. Even if an injury has permanently changed your physical ability, it hasn’t taken over your life — you don’t have to let it.

If you’re committed to restoring your function, rebuilding strength, and preventing further injury, you should work with an injury recovery training and orthopedic exercise specialist in Fort Collins. At Southpaw Fitness, I will create a tailored orthopedic exercise program for you to target your recovery or preventative goals I can help you develop long-term fitness habits that lead to lifelong strength and mobility, even after an injury.

Fort Collins Orthopedic Exercise and Injury Recovery
Fort Collins Injury Recovery Trainer

Orthopedic Exercise Strength Training in Fort Collins

Orthopedic exercise focuses on rehabilitation. The goal of the workouts you do with me is to restore function. With my specialty in ACE orthopedic exercise, I can support and train clients with knee pain, muscle imbalances, or musculoskeletal disorders.

With my unique training, I can also create a workout plan that targets the major joints, including the knees, shoulders, wrists, elbows, hips, and ankles. My specialized orthopedic exercise regimen can complement the general treatment you already receive from your orthopedic specialist.

Fort Collins Injury Recovery Training

Building your strength after an injury is hard work. At times, you may feel like giving up. But rehabilitation and strength building is the key to overcoming orthopedic injuries. After an injury, you likely see a physical therapist to help restore function. Physical therapy can help with problems in the bones, tendons, ligaments, and other parts of the skeletal system.

When you work with an orthopedic health coach in addition to or following your physical therapy, you can reinforce the work you put in in therapy and start building long-term fitness, strength, and mobility.

Preventative Fitness in Fort Collins, CO

Recovering from injuries is a crucial aspect of my Fort Collins orthopedic exercise program, but preventative training can also help you avoid orthopedic injuries in the first place. With my specialized Fort Collins strength training, I can also develop preventative programs for clients to avoid muscle, bone, and joint pain. I take the time to understand your health history, current abilities, and strength goals to devise a preventative plan specifically for you.

Why Choose Southpaw Fitness?

Working with an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist can help restore function that you lost as a result of an orthopedic injury. For most people, though, these sessions end at some point. You may have restored function, but have you implemented long-term improvements?

By supplementing the rehabilitation sessions you do with an orthopedic specialist or physical therapist, you can rebuild your strength and possibly surpass the level of fitness you had before your injury. Working with a one-to-one orthopedic exercise specialist not only helps you recover but also helps prevent injury or pain from setting in again. You can achieve the strength, mobility, and ability goals you had set for yourself by doing regular orthopedic exercise at Southpaw Fitness.