About Craig Murguia

My Fitness Journey | Why I am a Fitness Coach

When I was 18 years old, I experienced a motorcycle accident that resulted in a significant, full-body injury, including the loss of my right arm. The recovery I underwent opened my eyes to the world of fitness, orthopedic exercise, and personal training. Through recovery from my accident, I eventually discovered my passion and professional purpose — helping others who struggle with their personal fitness, strength training, and injury recovery.

I believe every person deserves to experience a high-quality life despite our challenges.

As a high-performing high school athlete at the time and a young person starting to think about my career, recovery for me was not only physical but included discovering my professional purpose.

I moved to Fort Collins from Iowa in 1999 and spent the first portion of my professional life in real estate and property management. While I enjoyed success and stayed busy, I was continually finding myself reflecting on how I could truly reach and connect with people through my professional work. Finally, in 2015, I put the pieces together realizing my own personal journey and my passion for fitness and sports was something unique I could offer others.

Personal Trainer Craig Murguia
Fort Collins Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer | Fort Collins Best Personal Trainer

To supplement my passion and experience in personal fitness, I sought three ACE certifications. I am a certified:

  • Personal trainer: I have the skills to design and apply unique exercise programs based on your goals, abilities, and needs.
  • Health coach: I learned the science and skills to support meaningful lifestyle change that helps you prevent and mitigate chronic inactivity-related disease.
  • Orthopedic exercise specialist: I know how to take a functional approach to movement that helps you move beyond pain and resume your daily activities.

With my qualifications, I possess the skills and knowledge to create personalized programs that accommodate your fitness needs. I can assess your background, goals, and abilities to determine what kind of program is best suited to you and help you implement it. By working with me at Southpaw Fitness, you can start making real changes in your life.

The Mission of Southpaw Fitness

Every person deserves to experience a high quality of life, despite any challenges they face. Starting a new fitness program can be one of those big challenges, especially if you have other obstacles holding you back. You may be experiencing obesity, have a physical disability or mobility impairment, or are recovering from an injury. When you’re dealing with these difficulties, fitness goals can seem insurmountable.

At Southpaw Fitness, my mission is to help you overcome the challenges you face with personal fitness. I want to help you set and reach ambitious goals so you can live a better life. I develop personalized training programs with my three values in mind:

  1. Challenge
  2. Support
  3. Empathy

I want you to feel like you’re constantly improving and pushing yourself to be a better you, but I also offer the support, guidance, and motivation you need to get there. Due to my personal fitness and injury recovery injury background, I can also relate to the obstacles you face — I’ve been there. I know how hard it is and how important an encouraging health coach is to that journey.

Why Choose Southpaw for Personalized Fitness in Fort Collins?

Many people decide to join a gym rather than sign up for one-to-one fitness classes. Going to the gym can be a positive change that helps you achieve your goals, but only if you stick to it. When you start on your fitness or recovery journey, it’s hard to keep up your momentum when you do it alone.

With a personal trainer who develops programs specifically for you, you have another person who is fully invested in your success. With one-to-one training, you have not only an accountability partner but also a coach and support system to help stay on track and truly improve your life.